Who is Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM?

CreInvestEd is the creation of well-known CCIM instructor, author, commercial real estate brokerage owner, and investor Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM.

My goal is simple…teach you to find the best deals on your terms so that you can attract money partners, make better commercial real estate investments, and grow your passive income and net worth.

Jeremy Cyrier CCIM

Jeremy Cyrier CCIM

I work hard to not only test what’s working, but as an investor, I’m actively exploring new opportunities with partners and other investors in the market.  I like to know what’s generating deals out there for me and you, too.

I believe that actions without insight in commercial real estate investing are worthless. After a trip to West Africa while studying for his Ph.D., I concluded that we make significant impacts on our lives, families, and communities by having meaningful interactions with one another. That’s why I’m committed to helping you create meaningful results from commercial real estate investing.

Yes, I am the founder and President of CreInvestEd, a leading provider of commercial real estate investing training to investors who want to build real estate wealth with deals that make sense.  I also own MANSARD, a commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

I am a CCIM designee and part of the CCIM Network. I have served as the President of the New England CCIM Chapter in 2011 and am the 2010 Recipient of the Susan B. Groeneveld Award of Excellence awarded by the CCIM Institute. I am also one of Banker & Tradesman’s New Leaders of 2009 and one of 57 commercial real estate instructors who provide commercial real estate training for the CCIM Institute (14,000 members world-wide) where I teach Financial Analysis for Commercial Real Estate and Market Analysis for Commercial Real Estate. In 2012, I served on the Board of Directors of the CCIM Institute and have been the Technology Presidential Liaison under President Wayne D’Amico in 2013.

I have taught commercial real estate education throughout the United States, trained members of some of the country’s top commercial real estate brokerage firms, Fortune 100 companies, and U.S. State Department employees. I have been featured in Shift: Commercial and CIRE Magazine. I also hold my Massachusetts real estate broker’s license.

Some of my students have included:










I speak French and German. I’m an avid sailor and athlete, having participated in the Chicago Marathon, Blazing Saddles Century, and Mt. Washington Century. Jeremy lives in Andover, MA with my wife Gia and beautiful baby girl Natalia Rose and son Georgio.

To contact Jeremy, dial (800) 928-4697 ext. 602 or email [email protected].

What People Are Saying

Jeff Fritz

As a commercial property investor I have attended dozens of seminars and purchased numerous coaching programs costing thousands of dollars. The CreInvestEd program actually gives you the tools you need to make deals happen. Jeremy Cyrier has personally coached me on several commercial property purchases over the past 8 years. Jeremy is worth his weight in gold.

— Sal Di Stefano, President, Maine Rental Solutions

Well written, practical course that will shorten the learning curve for real estate investors and assist in avoiding costly mistakes. Plus serves as a useful reference manual. Jeremy Cyrier’s successful experience as an investor, deal maker and nationally recognized instructor is clearly evident thorough out the manual.

— Maryann Mize, CCIM, 30 Years in Community Banking
Jeremy Shields

Your course has helped me analyze potential investments and make sure I have the numbers covered to make a good presentation. Although I have a basic knowledge of cash on cash, cap rates, etc., I find your explanations easy to understand and now have material to refer to when my memory needs a jog. I’m a big fan of the financial analyzer tool! So much better than my HP financial calculator!

— Bill Meritt, S & S Property Management

I’ve known Jeremy professionally for over a decade. He’s the first personI ever knew who actually successfully put together one of those “out of state owner financed no/low money down” deals on a big property and actually succeeded. His dedication to the business and to understanding the numbers is unmatched. If you’re in the CRE business and you’re lucky enough to get a few minutes with him, TAKE IT!

— Brecht Palombo, Distressed Pro Founder
Alex Moskalyuk

Jeremy Cyrier fills in the gaps of typical CRE knowledge with true real-world insight and intelligence. He is clear, concise, methodical, and most importantly, you will learn what he is teaching. I find him to be one of the best CRE instructors I’ve had the pleasure to know.

— Lydia Bennett, CCIM, CPM

Start With Finding The Deal is a must for CRE investors. This course provides investors the knowledge, tools and support needed in order to be successful. It was developed and taught by one of the best in the industry. Jeremy Cyrier is a broker, entrepreneur and deal maker. I have known him for many years and there is no one better to help you invest wisely. If making profits is your goal, Start With Finding The Deal is what you need.

— Alex Johnson, CCIM, Laurex Realty Advisors
Jeremy Shields

I’ve been through each of the modules now, and have gotten a chance to really look into the financial calculators. I’ve really done a bunch of research in the past, read a TON of books on the subject, listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and audio books, and spent significant time an money on courses, and I honestly have to say that the information that you teach really is top notch. Anyone can find information on Cap rates, IRR, cash on cash, etc, but what I really enjoyed is how you relate it to the specific purchase. The way it was presented really makes it “fool-proof”, and the way that the message and information was delivered made it easily digestible. Personally, I feel I’m at the point that i need “real world learning” instead of books…. action instead of gathering more knowledge. With that being said, and admittedly reading maybe too much on the subject, I picked up some great ideas and gathered a ton of knowledge on the subject of CRE. I was really excited to get a hold of some new information. I really liked how the workbook coincides with the modules, and liked the idea of “homework.” I especially like how i can see the video and slides on my iPad. That made a big difference, as far as ease of viewing.

— Jesse Andrews

Jeremy’s programme is unique in that it provides context in key areas that you need to be effective as a real estate entrepreneur. Having reviewed many other programs, it is fair to say these elements are rarely found in one place. Namely: – Entrepreneurial skills which will help you be credible when dealing with real estate professionals / investors and other individuals who you will need to work with to achieve your objectives – Professional CRE investing – Jeremy’s takes a very structured approach to giving you key skills you need to find real deals. It’s clear from his years operating as an an adviser and active investor that he has achieved mastery in these areas – The programme pulls out the essential elements a beginner investor needs that would otherwise take years to learn as part of a post grad or industry certified programme Jeremy enjoys passing on his knowledge and helping others be successful. The course has helped me understand the real estate universe much better as a whole and given me a plan of action to execute in my area.

— Paul Maguire, UK Investor
Alex Moskalyuk