How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate During Changing Times

In my prior life as a history student, my doctoral advisor explained his perspective of human behavior and how historians better understand why people do the things they do.  He believed that as people encountered adversity, and as the outcomes of their efforts didn’t equate to their intentions, they would intensify their efforts in the hopes of overcoming undesirable results in return for what they actually wanted to happen. That’s a key insight to remember when understanding how to invest in commercial real estate during changing times.

It wasn’t until their intensity of effort was no longer sustainable that they would throw their hands in the air, quit, overthrow their leaders, question their assumptions, kill their idols,  die, innovate, change, etc.  Epictetus, the stoic Greek philosopher said it in other words, “What concerns me is not the way things are, but rather the way people think they are.”

With the increasing intensity of what’s been coming out of New York and Washington DC, and how we believe we understand what’s “really” happening with our economy, are we really solving any problems? Or are we just turning up the volume to see if something changes because of the way we see it?

We’re living through an extraordinary time–a paradigm shift in our economy and country’s position in the world.  It’s also a period when generational wealth will be made and lost.  And I believe great fortune will favor those who move sideways, do the unexpected, and are first to innovate to solve the problems we face in new and alternative fashions.

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