Learn How to Find Good Markets for Commercial Real Estate Investment

In this podcast, listen as I discuss how to find good markets for commercial real estate investment on Kevin Bupp’s Cash Flow Investing Real Estate Show:

Jeremy Cyrier CCIM CreinvestedListen Now


  • Why I’m transitioning out of his multi-family investments and into the suburban office class.
  • How to use free online tools that Jeremy shares to uncover strong US markets that might be ripe to invest in and also those that might be a little to overheated which means you should stay away
  • The effects of urbanization and the opportunities it might present with income properties which are located in the suburban markets.
  • What the difference of a financial driven and market driven property search is and which you should be using
  • The step by step process that Jeremy uses to identify potential markets to invest in – this is the same process that is taught through the CCIM curriculum.
  • How to use the free report offered by IRR.com to identify specific market data to assist you in choosing the  right markets to invest in.
  • How to identify what part of the market cycle your target real estate market is in.
  • And much more
  • For more insightful podcasts, check out Kevin Bupp’s show by clicking here.

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Links to Resources to Provided in Show to Help You Find Good Markets for Commercial Real Estate Investment

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